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…the result makes us happy : )  more coming soon!

this makes us happy! : )

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our reccently designed product for shopguard, will be displayed to try on globalshop2015, las vegas, usa.

Shopguard SB-10 by pallag design

we are proud to present our latest design project made for shopguard plc.
a preview is available on the website of shopguard. more details soon!

it has begun with a loan repayment to the belgian railways in 1933. the hungarian railway paid with rialcars, directly developed by the hungarain superfactory ganz for this transaction. at this time the innovative motor and technical solution was discovered by the management of the hungarian railways and let ganz to develop two same built passanger transportation railbus, which had to deliver the comfort of an autobus.

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today has born a new antique book auction record on the auction event organised by the központi antikvárium budapest. that would be not so important for a design blog, but this is a book called Appendix from János Bolyai, which revolutionized the science of mathematics. starting price was 5m hungarain forint, it has grown to 26m hammer price (29,9m with bonuses), which made the book the most exprensive ever in hungary. read more about appendix here.

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To promote its travel service, railway company SNCF teamed up with ad agency TBWA Paris to create an ad campaign that sends pedestrians to other European cities—simply by opening a door. read full post »