awesome video from Attila Zérczi, who let a gopro cam inside of a coffee roaster machine. read full article here on daily coffee news.

the song of uranus rings and the song of earth are quite nice.


gerrit thomas rietveld – zig zag chair (1934, to the schröder house, utrecht)

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lavazza is goint to launch the worlds first out of earth coffee maker on the international space station. there are lot of technical an physical challanges to deliver the same product as on the planet earth. read full post »


marcel breuer – model b3 chair (1925-26, bauhaus dessau)
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just browsed for thermo-higrometer for home that not so ugly, comic and crappy looking. i found that nice piece and it’s ‘sisters and brothers’ below. read full post »

almost two years old presentation of braun design, but looks fresh as new born products.

if i can say that, my favourite musicians in advertising and trailer industry are the immediate music. first i met this group of talented musicians in some product presentation videos. one of their  group is greg dombrowski, composer, musician artist, creative director based in los angeles. read full post »

gorgeous idea from the russian let’s bike it! organization. they made a happening and test of car drivers in latvia. they presented, what would be the case, if they would sit in a car too. very strong experience. made my morning. : )

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